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Applications Open For 
2022 - 2023

The Happiest Homeschool Program

We have adapted our personalized curriculum for Nursery (3-4 years), LKG (4-5 years) and UKG (5-6 years), to suit at-home resources and activities. Our homeschooling program is designed to bring home to you what your child would be learning with us at school, and to complement the efforts of parents and family members on this journey. In this program, the parent is the primary teacher, while our team will support the parent through our structured and guided program. 

Graduation Certificate

Awarded at the completion of the annual homeschool program

Benefits of MoBy's Homeschooling Program

  • Research based curriculum that addresses your child's developmental needs 

  • Save time and resources in planning activities and weekly routines

  • Easy to follow and implement with available resources 

  • Child's learning does not stop

  • Support structure for parents 

Program Structure

Mini Homeschool Program 
(6 Months )
Complete Homeschool Program 
(10 Months)
DIY Homeschool Program 
(3 Months )
  • Why are we not having teacher led online sessions?
    While we surely can have this, through our experience of working with children, it is challenging to hold a child's attention at such an early age, to drive learning through live classes. On an ongoing basis, online sessions may result in an early learner becoming disinterested and developing a dread for learning. We do not want this to happen.
  • What if I have no teaching experience?
    Our programs are intuitive and easy to implement. You do not need to have a teaching background to be able to execute this at home.
  • What is the eligibility criteria for each program?
    Nursery: Age Group 2.5-4 years LKG: Age Group 4-5 years UKG: Age Group 5-6 years
  • What will be the format/timetable of the classes?
    Each week, you will receive 4 Guided activities (specifically to be taught by the parent) and 4 Independent activities (done independently by the child). As the activities run in a progressive flow, we would recommend following the sequence of activities. You will receive a recommended timetable. You could choose to modify it.
  • How does it work?
    1. Activities, Routines & Live Sessions will be conducted twice a month through our web app. 2. The parent, as the primary teacher, should prepare for and implement the suggested activities with their children. While we do suggest maintaining a fixed routine, the program will remain flexible given the uncertainties that come along with the pandemic. 3. Using the self-assessment framework you will observe and document your child's work, behaviour and learning in various areas. Share these observations and receive feedback so that you can effectively support your child. 4. Our team will maintain cumulative records based on the parent's documentation and provide a certificate of completion at the end of each year.
  • What curriculum is followed? Does the curriculum cover everything?
    Our approach to early childhood education is deeply rooted in the Montessori Philosophy of "whole child development" which aims to maximize children's potential and prepare them for life. Our curriculum also incorporates the best and latest learning philosophies, models, practices with continuous development, to meet the highest standards in education. Our programs are compliant with The National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) standards. Subjects covered will include Maths, Physical Development, Language, Creativity, Social Studies, Science. All these are taught through play.
  • What about socialization?
    Your child's social wellbeing is as important as their academic wellbeing. As children have somewhat lost the sense of structure in these disruptive times, it is vital to keep the channel of communication open and to equip them with a sense of security and confidence. In the current scenario, Team MoBy will be hosting enrichment sessions each month. These will be conducted by some of our field experts in the area of music, art, yoga, creative arts and story telling. At Home, it is important to keep the channel of family and friends active in the lives of children to maintain connectedness. From supervised virtual events to online play dates to video calling with family and friends - all of these are a part of the new normal for the mental well-being of children.
  • What set up will I need at home to start homeschooling my child? How do I set up a learning environment at home?
    We generally recommend having one or two designated areas for learning, so that your child has a sense of certainty and routine. Keep all the materials at the child's level so that your child can have access to them. If possible, keep a noise free environment while engaging in the activities.
  • I am a working parent. It is difficult for me to manage teaching my child during the week.
    Our programs are easy to do and flexible as our activities are divided into Independent and Guided. You can always involve your child in an independent activity in case you are preoccupied with work. We do, however, recommend adhering to a routine as much as possible to provide structure, stability and discipline.
  • How much time per day should homeschooling take? Is the submission of student work for the teacher's feedback, time consuiming and cumbersome?"
    This varies for each student and each family. In the early grades, the parent is completely involved in the learning process. On an average, we recommend 1 hour per day (4 days a week). In order for the teacher's feedback to be helpful, student work should be submitted on a regular basis and the lesson comments reviewed. Work is submitted once a month. Keeping in mind the work-life challenges brought on by the current pandemic, our process will remain simple and easy for you to implement.
  • How do I evaluate my child's progress?
    Assessments at The MoBy ELC happen through observation. Based on best practices and early learning research, we do not conduct any formal assessment as our whole philosophy is play-based and stress free learning. We will provided a tool to track and observe your child's work and share it with our team. Our team will keep records and get in touch with you with their evaluation.
  • What support do you offer to parents?
    Whether you are a new homeschooling parent with a flurry of questions or a veteran with specific topics in mind, our experienced team can provide you with student-centered educational guidance. Topics will include organization, pacing, planning and more.
  • Your role as a parent
    As in any school environment, the success of a child's school year depends largely upon the support and encouragement from the parents. This support will take various forms. For our homeschooling format, it is primarily the parent's responsibility to maintain contact with the teacher and ensure student work is submitted in a timely manner.
  • Will there be any additional costs?
    There will be no extra cost from our end. We believe in sustainable learning where children learn through immediate surroundings. We would recommend using available or repurposed material.
  • Can I start the homeschooling program at any time? My child has been used to a different program at preschool and has never been exposed to such a format.
    Our program is paced out with a comfortable routine, habit building recommendations and enough time to adjust, which help your child acclimatize for learning at home, with ease.
  • What if I want to take up the program for a short duration?
    You can opt for our Mini Homeschool Program which is for a duration of 6 months or our DIY Homschool Program which is for a duration of 3 months. If you wish to continue with the program, you can renew or upgrade to our Complete Homeschool Program.
  • What if I want to send my child to school from the next year?
    You can always choose to homeschool your child for 1 year and go back to any school the following year.
  • Are we moving completely to an online program?
    Our online homeschool program will run in parallel with the in-centre program. Parents wishing to send their child to our Centre once the lockdown restrictions end, can join our application waiting list and meanwhile take up the online program for shorter period of time. Parents who choose to homeschool their child for the entire duration of early learning, can continue it through our online program.

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