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Applications Open for 2024-2025


Our Preschool curriculum goes beyond reading, writing, math, and science: we prepare children for life. With our “whole child” approach, we place equal emphasis on each child’s social, emotional, physical and cognitive growth. Our programs offer activities that are specifically designed to help a child in every area of development.

Individualized learning path

Scientifically designed learning material

Play based


Tracking your child's growth

Resources to continue learning at home

Outdoor & indoor play zones

Well-equipped library 

Thematic & sustainable learning approach

Areas of development

Our programs focus on the "whole child" approach, where we place equal importance on developing 8 key foundational skills in children. 

Kindergarten Classroom

Language and Literacy 

  • Explores verbal expression, builds their vocabulary, and enhances their comprehension of language. 

  • Uses phonetic skills while composing and reading words and sentences.

  • Demonstrate writing skills 

  • Uses more complicated vocabulary and grammatical structures while reading, writing and speaking

  • Uses appropriate conversational and other communication skills

  • Reads and writes simple Hindi words 

  • Reads and writes simple Kannada words

Contact Us

969/08, Ward no. 198 BBMP, Balaji Layout, Vajarahalli, Behind Marikamba Temple, Talagattapura Post, Bengaluru,

Karnataka- 560062

Tel: +91 98867 42525



Monday to Friday - 9 am to 6pm

Saturday - 9 am to 2.30 pm

Sunday - Closed

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